Fall seasion 🍁 : Wardrobe organization


Hey guys! It’s been almost 1 month no see! (School fault) 😜. Anyways fall is here (here in Albania is raining a lot) 😞 so we need to make a “refresh” to our wardobes. I’m here to tell you some organization tips for the closet:
1. Turn on some jackets and coats for cold and rainy days. (Don’t forget to grab one from the dad) 😉

2. In the centre put some important things to find easily when you are late. (Very helpful) 🙆

3. Don’t forget some “fall essentials” like scarfs or bags maybe sunglasses! 👜

4. Colours, colours, colours!! Summer need to be here every time! 😉Go and follow those tips. XoXo. Ester 💗


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