Comfo outfit for a travel πŸšŒ


Heyy guys!!! It’s been a while (2 weeks). I was busy with school shopping. But now I finished. My 8’s grade is comming after 2 days. New news: I maked a short (very shortπŸ˜‰) trip to Athens,Greece. In friendship of my sista ( cousin) and my bigest uncle. It was a long trip (14 hours) (for the 2nd time). So I needed a comfo outfit for all the travel. I chose my ripped jeans (the coolest) and I combo it with a simple yellow T-shirt. I wear my fave yrainers (metalic-floreal ones) πŸ‘ŸπŸŒΊ. In all this time it’s going to be colder so I toke with me a jeans jacket. And don’t forgot my nude colour bag. Make your trip the best one!! XOXO.Ester πŸ’



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